Little Princess Bath Bomb Blaster


Here we have our Little Princess Bath bomb blaster. I am a Princess. All girls are Princesses. A royal combination of rose and pink pepper to dazzle the nation and natural butters to transform your skin, soul and spirit for a happily ever after.  With pure black pepper essential oils, this bath blaster will stimulate your soul!

This regal and moisturising bath blaster contains a warming rose & pink pepper fragrance which will be released into the playful pink colored water! With a natural buttery swirl made from Cocoa and Shea butter to pack in the moisture and to ensure that your skin is left silky soft!

Discover the great Natural Essential Oils used in our Bath Bomb Blasters.  Extracted from plants, flowers and fruits, these oils are all natural.  You can find these oils in every Bomb Cosmetics product.  Essential oil blends are here with their range of products which will evoke one’s mind, body, sense and spirit back to it’s normal and more.

You will be be able to smell these wonderful fragrances from these oils in our Little Princess Bath blaster Bomb!

Bomb Cosmetics believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries. They pride themselves on making products that smell and feel wonderful on your skin. Made completely by hand, these bombs are simply stunning.